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  Pumpkin muffin for your Halloween seet
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 ■ Preparations for ingredient 
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< YIELD > 2 servings

< Ingredients >

■Pumpkin muffin
・100g unsalted butter
   (※Bring it back to room temperature.)
・50g granulated sugar
・50g beet sugar
・2 eggs
   (※Bring them back to room temperature and lightly
       beat row them in a bowl to make beaten egg.
       The wight of them is approximately 100g.)
・100g weak flour
   (※Sift it by sieve once.)
・2g baking powder
   (※Sift it using sieve once)
・About 1/2 teaspoon  allspice powder
   (※The wight of it is 0.5g or more and less than 1g.)
・30g almond powder.
・1/4 pumokin
   (※The net wight of seeded and peeled pumpkin is
       approximately 100g. Heat it in a 600W microwave
       oven for about 4-5 minutes. And place cooked it in
       bowl and mush it by a musher until it becomes
       smooth paste form.)
・50g raisin

・20g almond
   (※Chop it coarsely with a kitchen knife.)
・20g walnut
   (※chop it coarsely using a sharp kitchen knife.)
・10g pumpkin seed

< Directions >

1.Place butter in a bigger bowl. And beat it with a whisk
   vigorously until it becomes whitish and smooth creamy
   form. When you smooth it, you divide granulated sugar
   and beet sugar into several times and add them to
   beaten butter. And mix them well. Add beaten egg too
   and put it in butter mixture and mix them well, when
   you divide it into multiple actions. Add weak flour and
   baking powder gradually while sifting them a sieve and
   mix them enough. Sprinkle allspice powder and almond
   powder while dividing them into action of several times.
   And mix them sufficiently. Pour arranged pumpkin of
   smooth paste form beforehand in a bigger bowl. 
  (※Pour the pumpkin which was prepared for beforehand
       in a bigger bowl. or Pore the pumpkin which you
       cooked beforehand in a bigger bowl.) And mix them
   thoroughly. And then, mix raisin and combine them
   until the whole of added all ingredients become uniform
   to make a pumpkin muffin mixture. Let begin to preheat
   an oven to 160 degree C.

2.Pour pumpkin muffin mixture in sups of your favorite
   form And then, put chopped almond, chopped walnut
   and pumpkin seed of your favorite quantity on top of
   pumpkin muffin mixture.

3.When you put nuts on pumpkin muffin mixture, put
   cups containing pumpkin muffin mixture in a oven
   which you preheated to 160 degree C. Back them in
   a 160 degree C. oven for about 40 minutes while
   looking at them of baked condition. After that, reduce
   temperature to 170 degree C. of an oven and bake sups
   including pumpkin muffin mixture for about 10 minutes
   more to finish cooking.

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■ Finished the dish

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